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Google search advertising is an advertisement that will be shown to a user in response to his request below the search bar. The advantage of contextual advertising over other types is that advertising will be shown to those users who are already interested in the service, that is, we are talking about meeting demand.

РРС tasks:

You will know the cost of a click for each key request for which a client gets to your website.
Search engine advertising will help you quickly bring interested customers to your website.
Can be quickly reconfigured to meet changing business needs.

What do we offer:

Setting up advertising
An advertising campaign in which the keys are correctly collected, ads, extensions, lists of negative keywords are spelled out - will allow you to competently manage your advertising budget.
Setting up analytics systems for your business. To track traffic channels, useful actions of a visitor on the website, optimize advertising.
Marketing & Sales
Planning and conducting marketing activities, budget control, coordination and management of touch points, analysis and reporting of sales.
In touch 24/7
Always in touch with our clients. We are ready at any time to provide information on the advertising account and its performance.
Monthly reporting in a form convenient for the client, in addition to the fact that the advertising specialist is always in touch with you.
We use analytics results to improve your advertising campaigns, website conversions
Profit growth
By developing and increasing the number of clients, the growth of your business is inevitable.
Targeted requests only. Choose what requests users will come to your website.
Setting speed
Get your first customers today. The fastest possible setup and efficiency.
Flexible settings
Can be quickly reconfigured to meet changing business needs.