Privacy Policy


The user agreement is a legal document that regulates the relationship between the service consumer of the Internet resource (user), and the provider - directly the website. The specified agreement necessarily includes a chapter called "Privacy Policy". It is recommended that you read the information in full before interacting with the website.

Information collection and processing: purposes

Within the framework of the current legislation, the website accumulates information of a technical, personal nature. This refers to the last name, username, current phone number, email information, etc. In addition, IP addresses are automatically fixed.

The purpose of collecting information is:

  • Client identification on the website.
  • Optimization of interaction with the resource interface.
  • Establishing high-quality and fast feedback.
  • Determining the client location to avoid fraud from the outside.
  • Generation of up-to-date statistics.

In addition, personal data is required for efficient and fast technical support if necessary, as well as the formation of useful mailings.

The ultimate task of manipulating the specified information of the service consumer is to ensure the correct, convenient and safe website activity.

List of conditions regarding privacy

By filling in the appropriate field, the service consumer fully confirms his agreement with the current requirements and conditions of the Internet resource. In case of disagreement with the above actions, you must immediately stop interacting with the website.

The following items are provided:

  • Automatic systematization of private data of the service consumer.
  • Use of information, provision of access to it in cases provided for by law.
  • Actions with personal information: collection and storage.
  • Clarification, updating of information, as well as their change if necessary.
  • Extraction, depersonalization of information, if necessary.
  • Blocking/deleting a user account for the reasons specified in the document.

The user takes into account that the Privacy Policy covers the full scope of the received private information.

Legal aspects and obligations of the parties

The party referred to as the User undertakes to provide up-to-date and true personal information. Such information is required to be stated following the User Agreement. If the data changes over time, the website client needs to notify the resource administration in time. This must be done by filling out the registration form with new information.

The user's insufficient attention to protecting his information (for example, compiling insufficiently complex passwords) does not fall under the website responsibility.

In turn, the administration undertakes to use the information solely for the above purposes, not to disclose it to third parties, except as otherwise provided by law. Protecting confidential information is a priority for the website security service. Personal information may not be published, sold, or disclosed. A limited number of employees work with private information; its collection and processing are often done in an automatic and aggregated mode.

The developer of the Internet resource has the right to appropriately adjust both the user agreement and the Privacy Policy for private information. The user of the website services undertakes to get acquainted with the updates of the document on time.

The current version of the document is on the website.