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Search engine optimization

This is a rather lengthy process of working on a website, which is aimed at improving it for better perception by search engines, and as a result, at attracting a target audience, increasing inbound traffic and improving conversion.
Maximum return
To get a return on a young website and gradually increase search engine confidence, it is best to start by promoting low- and middle-range keywords, for which the level of competition is minimal.
Cost and duration
The cost and duration of the promotion depends on many factors. The first targeted traffic from organic search to a young site usually begins to arrive no earlier than 3 months after the start of promotion, noticeably increasing by 7-12 months.

The main complex of SEO works

Semantic core
Keywords form the semantic core of the website, which makes it possible for the target visitor to find your website.
Useful "readable" content
After collecting semantics, we write useful and search-relevant texts.
Page optimization
Optimization "page by page" - when each page becomes as relevant as possible for search engines.
Increasing confidence in the resource
Actions to increase natural link bulk, forum promotion, link building.

SEO advantages

If the niche is expensive, SEO may be the best option, since the price will be several times less than where the cost per click depends on the competition in the market.
Since many people don't trust ads with marking "Ad", organic search is the best option.
The website is developing dynamically, and therefore the information on it is always renewed and relevant, which has a positive effect on the promotion of the website.
SEO cost is calculated individually and depends on the activity of your competitors and your goals. In the largest companies in the world, SEO is a never-ending process. Since competitors are not asleep, and search engines are constantly improving their algorithms.
Stages of Website SEO Optimization
Advanced external and internal audits are performed to determine optimization indicators, ranking positions, competition.
Drawing up a work plan and agreeing with the client, since no one knows your business better than you.
Commencement of works and reporting
After the order of work has been agreed, the "magic of optimization" begins, the results of which we will provide to you every month.
When you conclude an agreement with us for SEO promotion of your website for 6 months,
the 7th month of work - you get a gift!