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SMM is a complex of works in social networks, focused on increasing brand loyalty. There is a misconception that the main goal of SMM is to sell a product or service, this is not entirely true. Recent marketing research has proven that SMM is an additional tool for branding and communication with a client, and as a result, an increase in sales.

In first step we thoroughly analyze:

We get to know your business and conduct an audit of competitors' activity. We form the concept and positioning of your company.
Target audience
We learn about the preferences of your target audience, analyze the topics of publications and its relevance in relation to this target audience
Content quality
We study the originality, success and frequency of publications. We analyze the most successful ones.
We investigate the number of processed and unprocessed negative reviews, monitor the attitude of users to the brand.

Why your business needs SMM

Improving brand reputation
Recognition and popularity of the brand will greatly facilitate the advertising campaign, increase confidence in it, and, of course, the influx of new customers.
Increasing audience loyalty
Public processing of negative reviews always changes the attitude towards the brand exclusively for the better, and increases customer loyalty and trust.
Viral effect
High-quality and interesting content is usually distributed independently. You just have to find out what exactly is important to your audience.
What SMM includes
Maintaining social networks
Maintaining social networks is not a chaotic addition to a page of material that is taken out of context and other people's articles. This is an art in which strategy, understanding the specifics of a particular network and the ability to present information are important.
Targeted advertising
Targeting ads are ads that are shown only to certain groups of social network users for which you select criteria. The main advantages are high speed of action and a personalized approach to clients.
Remarketing allows you to make sure that a potential client, after researching several websites with similar topics, not only viewed your website, but also came back to order the necessary product or service from you.
Cost of SMM
What factors influence on the cost of promotion:
number of social networks
number of publications
content availability
high-quality visual content
integration with advertising channels
this is goods or services
mono service or product, or assortment availability
the need to create interaction between the website and social networks
The cost of promotion in social networks -
at least UAH 3000 per month, excluding the advertising budget.